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3d Printed Gir Cookie Cutter

Tis the season to bake cookies.

Gir is my spirit animal, and since I didn’t find any Gir related cookie cutters on Thingiverse.com I decided to fill that confectionery void with something of my own creation. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3272184

Gir Riding Piggy

I’d previously traced the popular “Gir Riding Piggy” image in Illustrator to make a decal, so I already had a dxf image to start with.

After importing the dxf into Fusion 360 all I had to do was set some offsets and extrude and slice with the various dimensions. The trickiest part was that a lot of my offsets didn’t mesh, so I had to find the broken connections and re-draw the connecting points before I had a plane I could use with the extrusion tool.

Finally I sent it to Cura and printed it on my Monoprice Mini Select 3d printer. Time to make COOKIES!

Final Cookie Cutter

You can find the files on Thingiverse.com at 

Happy Baking!

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