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Hello world!

Picture of Cory Sougstad

I should have started this a long time ago. Alas, unable to find a time machine, now is the best possible time I can begin. There are a lot of reasons to start a blog; advertising, journaling, learning retention, catharsis, quitting your day job, etc. I’m mostly interested in learning through teaching, and keeping a record of those things that were hard to figure out and I’d rather not have to figure it out again.

I’m curious. This won’t just be about coding, fitness, philosophy, or any of my other interests, but a journal of my dabblings across disciplines in search of a constantly improving self.¬† I’ll do my best to keep things organized so you can find exactly what you happen to be here for.

Well, I can’t wait to begin sharing. I hope you get the insights you hoped to find here. Welcome to my Haume.

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